Ashley Alexiss Flaunts Her Body In A Glitter Dress With Tiara

Ashley Alexiss Glitter Dress
Instagram | Ashley Alexiss

The beautiful bombshell Ashley Alexiss seems to rock her party dress on her 30th birthday. She has thrilled her Instagram followers, that measures up to 2.1 million followers. In her latest feed share, she is seen in a small gathering celebrating her birthday. She has maintained all social distancing norms. Her husband had managed to decorate the party with cut-outs of the members and her other friends, who could not attend the celebrations.

Ashley Alexiss Dresses Well

She got all ready, in a tight and glittery dress with a tiara. She wore the red gown that seemed to highlight her figure. The garment is being made from a deep burgundy colored fabric. The garments seemed to look great on her sun-kissed skin. It also had additional embellishments that seem to glitter under light. She sported a low-neckline that showed off her bosom. The fabric clings to her twin assets and manages to garner a lot of attention. The tight dress seems to loosen at the waist.

You will be mesmerized by the flowing garment. It has a mermaid like structure. Moreover, it seems to cling to her heavy figure with all the right curves at the right places. The dress also had a train at the back for some more drama. You will see the best of her.

How Ashley Did On Her Birthday

She has managed to stun all on her birthday. She has added a touch of glamor with the right accessories. She sports a tiara on top, blonde locks, and soft waves, that tumble down like waves.

She has taken the fraternity by storm with her voluptuous pictures. The figure-hugging dress seems to bring out the best of her. She stands near her birthday cake, in the first shot. It is a circular table that holds her 3-tier cake. She has also given a stance for another shot, in which, she is seen popping balloon, near the cake. Moreover, she has flaunted some additional photos with some of the attendees. He glowed so much in front of the camera.

Birthday Picture

Ashley also showed short clippings of some of her videos. She also showed a clip, where she comes out a luxurious black car and then she steps on the red carpet. Her followers are in a tizzy after seeing the photographs. The post received 24,500 likes in nine hours. It also received more than 300 comments in a short while.

She said, that it is one of the best parties that she had. One fan said, that she is happy to see, that Ashley is thoughtful and taking care of the social distancing norms. ‘So gorgeous are her looks,‘ that is what another fan exclaims. Ashley ahs been posting her birthday photos ever since. Her 30th birthday celebrations in isolation was indeed cool. She also shares clips from various stages of her life.

She has reflected some of the accomplishments of her life in the photos. She is really happy to see the response, it generated online.

Feel happy to see her posts, be her follower for life.