Brooke Shields Poses In A Plunging Neckline At The Age Of 55

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Instagram | Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields has posed in a sundress with a plunging neckline, very recently. She managed to delight 1.1 million followers on Instagram platform, with her feat. The iconic diva wore a low-cut sundress, with her bosom heaving. He snapped the photograph, standing beside a row of boats. They were reportedly docked at the marina. She also mentioned, that the weather forced her to take the shot.

Sexy At 55, Brooke Shields

Over 10,000 fans liked the post. It was loaded on an afternoon. The dress that Brooke wore, was a bit fuzzy. It had several layers, that created an opaque appearance. The material is slightly sheer, but falls in layers. It also has cap sleeves, and a wrap design. She has secured the dress at the waist, with matching strings.

The dress has a deep V neckline. A red ruched portion of fabric peeps from the V- slit.  She was probably wearing some sort of bath wear underneath. She sported the sundress with a sneaker. They were white in color. She also sported low socks. And, to add to the glamor she wore a straw hat. It had a black band, embellished with a bow. She wore a camouflage cotton mask that covered and protected the lower half of her face. The rest of her face, she had covered with a pair of dark sunglasses.

The Jane The Virgin star, wore several thick bands on her fingers. She also sported a solitaire on her fingers. Apart from these dainty jewelry pieces, she also wore a gold chain with bracelet and a simple watch.

In the Instagram shot, Brooke is seen standing on the cement sidewalk. She stands with her feet, together and her hands on her hip. She has cocked her head slightly in the photo.

One can see many rectangular storage bins with padlocks, lined on the sidewalk. The iron fence demarcated the property from the rest. You will be able to see various types of watercraft to Brookes left side. They are tied up with one another. There are short metal stairs that separates them. Thus, allowing one to access the individual docks.

In the background, one can see multi-colored curved building. It has square windows. The other parts of the photo, was purely large. You can see the lush growth of wines therein. There are palm trees, located in the vicinity, that are located next to a high-rise building with glass-lined balconies.

Brooke Shields manages to entice all with her photographs. She looks all set to be ready to explore the surrounding areas. She is a big star from her times. Her success does not need words. Those who have seen the star, in her heyday are all praises. So, you can imagine how well she was doing for herself.

At the Marina, her look is really impressive and gives a cool vibe. Her fans and fam are going ga-ga over her pictures. That calls for celebrations today. She is showing all , goals at the beach today.