California Residents Had Their Power Cut Amidst Wildfire Danger

California WildFire

Those California residents preparing a Thanksgiving Dinner are in for a rude shock. More than, 3,100 Southern California residents have had to stay without power, as the wildfires raged. Santa Ana winds are stronger than the people thought. It is making the fire go out of control. Moreover, dry fuels spread across the area is making matters worse for fire tenders. Thus, a Public Safety Power Shut Off was announced. This was done intentionally to mitigate the fire.

The low humidity and wind gusts are literally adding fuel to the fire in California. Some debris that is sweeping around with the string winds, seems to aggravate the fire. The dry bush is literally exploding.

Raging Wildfires And A Power Cut

Nearly, 112,000 more South California residents are going to have a harrowing time, this Thanksgiving. Thursday and Friday saw the worst of it. The SCE says that they are trying every bit to make the Thanksgiving as bright as possible.

Wildfire Danger

Before shutting off the power supply, the SCE had already propagated the news. A lot of people reside in San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties. Thus, all of those currently without power are in Ventura County.

Public Utility giant SCE, has agreed to pay an amount of $360 million to settle claims that were brought about for the 2018 Woolsey fire. In fact, the Bobcat fire was the largest in Los Angeles county and had destroyed nearly 113,000 acres. SCE servs about 5 million consumers stretching from Bakersfield to Orange County.

The wildfires have created a havoc in several parts of the globe lately. California is not very far from the vagaries of such fires. They are accustomed to it.

Disastrous Fires That California Has Witnessed

California has already witnessed such bad fires of late. The climate scientists have said that strong winds, dry bushes, and low humidity seems to be a deadly mix for California residents. Moreover, a large part of California suffers from drought. That seems to make matters worse. The fires in America are linked to climate change. Climate change has made California more prone to such fires.

More than 8,600 fires have ravaged the place. The fires have scorched 6,400 square miles, and destroyed over 9,200 buildings. Moreover, 31 deaths were reported till before this fire.

The huge fires that have ravaged the state so far, have been fully or significantly contained.  However, more than 6,000 firefighters were lately committed to the 19 blazes, including a dozen major incidents. Moreover, the California department of forestry and fire protection said.

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Many of this year’s devastating fires were started by thousands of thunder, lightning strikes and drought conditions. But some of the fires remain under investigation for possible electrical causes. The section responsible for such mishaps are investigating the occurrence’s and have not yet revealed anything.

This year such fires are on the rise, due to drought-stricken conditions. today wildfires are very common in the states. 2020 wildfire season has destroyed many things, land and lives. you will be amazed, that more than 4% of the state’s roughly 100 million acres of land has been destroyed. Moreover, poor forest management by the government is to be blamed equally.