Cast Of Family Ties Stole So Many Items From Set: Interesting Revelation In The Union

Cast Of Family Ties

“Family Ties” is in the hearts of millions of fans till today. Recently, there was the Great Reunion of the whole cast. They relived so many sweet and sour memories during the shooting. For many years this TV series was in the headlines and one of the top-most serials. Moreover, every episode brought something unique and fun-filled for the audience. Therefore, all the fans eagerly waited for the prime time when the serial came on air. So, the announcement of the sitcom show going off-air broke so many hearts instantly. It was a perfect combination of emotions, set in the backdrop of a family.

The Much Awaited Reunion

The members of the team were waiting eagerly for a reunion. After almost three decades, the day finally came when all of them were together again. The starts who became a part of this nostalgic reunion were Michael Gross, Tina Yothers, Meredith Baxter, Michael J. Fox and many others.

Seth Rudetsky, along with James Wesley, hosted the first session of the exciting reunion. Several of the other cast members of the show joined the lead stars. Undoubtedly, it was a fantastic session. Moreover, they even answered some of the queries of the fans. It was definitely a great delight for all the followers as they saw the lovely chemistry of the on-screen “Family” after so many years. Marc Price, Brian Bonshall and some more were the part of the second part of the reunion.

The Revelation From Their Mouth

The star cast discussed their fabulous times on the sets of Family Ties in the 1960s. Basically, they showed portrayed the daily obstacles of life and how the family faced everything together. The only ray of hope was their son Alex. Moreover, through this reunion after years, the team tried to teach us a lot of things. In their words, in the show, Ronald Reagan sorted out all compromises with Tip O’Neil over a glass of Whiskey.

Similarly, the story revolved around how the family made a few compromises to solve several problems. Moreover, through their daily conversation, it was clear that they want their kids to learn about what America is. It is also essential to understand election patterns. So, America must be back at the Keaton’s Kitchen Table for a lovely time ahead.

Bagging Of The Roles

In the reunion, everybody also discussed their superb experiences while giving the auditions for the show. Gross revealed that he was just a stage actor when he gave audition for the show in the New York City. According to him, behind his success was that the daughter of the executive producer exclaimed her liking for him. This happened when Gary David Goldberg was going through the tapes of the audition.

Baxter told them the exciting offer came just like that after a few months Goldberg visited his place. He came for dinner with his wife and then suddenly offered Family Ties after a few weeks. It was truly unexpected.

Others also had these types of interesting stories that they shared on this reunion. Therefore, check out the detailed interview on several links provided on the website.