‘Chappelle’s Show’ removed from service on Netflix at Dave Chappelle’s request


Dave Chappelle says he is happy as his show is no longer available on Netflix. Dave talked about the move of streaming services in a video on Tuesday, which was posted to Instagram, which he says came at his request. In Dave’s video, he acknowledges that the contract signed with Viacom CBS doesn’t require any additional payment to him. Moreover, it allows to stream – the creator, star, and executive producer – Chappelle takes issue with the approach.


Chappelle likes working with Netflix

Dave says he signed the contract with Viacom CBS, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t get paid. He found them streaming his work, and he was never asked or informed about this happening. It isn’t legal just because Chappelle signed a contract. That’s why he likes working with Netflix, he added. On his part, it was very unethical of Viacom CBS to carry out a move like this. On Netflix from the 1st of November, “Chappelle’s Show” began streaming, and it got removed recently.

The comedian was furious

Chappelle is connected with Netflix since 2016 when the streamer announced the deal with the comedian. It has struck a lucrative three special deal that eventually got expanded. Dave got really hurt when he got to know about his show streaming without his knowledge. He didn’t expect this to take place. When he worked with Netflix way before, the company didn’t even exist. Furthermore, all the bad things were taking place in his life.

Dave’s was highly shocked to know that “Chappelle’s Show” was streamed, and he became furious. He couldn’t believe if this was true or not, but his anger was valid. He immediately made a call placing his concern on the matter, and in return, they agreed on removing it off their platform to make him feel better. “Chappelle’s Show” was aired for three seasons on Viacom, which was owned by Comedy Central way before when Chappelle famously and abruptly quit.

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However, it is still available on some platforms. If one has a cable subscription, they can stream it on Comedy Central and a subscription to streaming services CBS All Access and HBO Max.

Dave added that he looks forward to work with Netflix because they paid him the money he deserved. They abide by the things they say and don’t make moves like Viacom CBS. According to Chappelle, if a company is streaming a particular show, they’re fencing stolen goods. They stole my show from me, he added. They just took his show without his knowledge, and he believes that Comedy Central gave him a raw deal not because he is black but because the industry is just way too competitive. The industry is a monster, he added.