COVID-19 Fetched Gregg Garfield The Title Of Patient Zero

COVID-19 Fetched Gregg Garfield The Title Of Patient Zero

Patient Zero is already in the headlines for all American daily and media. Gregg Garfield got admitted to the hospital on 5th March 2020 after his reports a positive result for COVID-19. Garfield explained that he went skiing with his friends and did not take the cases of COVID-19 too seriously. However, that resulted in a disaster as he got affected by the deadly virus. Furthermore, Gregg became the first patient in America to be alive even after spending 64 days under treatment. The virus started engulfing Italy when they were having fun outside on the snow. Soon, 12 of the team members suffered fevers and body aches.

Moreover, Gregg was mostly hit by the virus and spent three days in the hotel room. This was a strange condition for Gregg as he preferred to keep the athletic body in a fit condition. Thus, most of them realized that something was not right.

Return From The Trip

After getting affected, the group soon returned to South California. However, even after coming back, the condition of Gregg did not show much improvement. The doctors then decided to make him go through a COVID-19 test. The Centers for Disease Control agreed to conduct the test that showed a positive result. Just before that, the patient complained that he had problems with breathing. Moreover, he was feeling like death. Within two days, Gregg’s oxygen level showed a rapid downfall. Finally, the experts decided to put the patient on ventilation for another month. Gregg only remembers his last words spoken to a nurse that he did not want to die.

Gregg Garfield

The Title Of Patient Zero

During the hospitalized condition, Garfield received a new title from the hospital staff, “Patient Zero.” He was the first-ever patient of COVID-19 in South California. Therefore, doctors gave their heart and soul to save him from infectious disease. The significant symptoms of the disease were,

  • High fevers
  • Sepsis all over the body
  • Too low blood pressure
  • Staph infection

Furthermore, most doctors believed that Gregg had only a 1% chance to survive the battle. However, God was definitely with him, and “Patient Zero” managed to be alive even after 64 days. Garfield’s fiancée and his sister also stated their fear about the severely deteriorating health condition. She said that it would have really very difficult to stay calm if they knew precisely the chances of survival for Gregg.

Dr. Daniel Dea referred Garfield as his miracle patient in such a long period of his career. It is really miraculous to survive multi-organ failure. By 8th May 2020, Gregg managed to walk into the hospital. Moreover, all of his 12 friends survived the disease. However, five out of them were still in the hospital for being infected by COVID-19.

Gregg made a very interesting statement after recovered from this challenging period. He exclaimed that he felt similar to Rip Van Winkle. Also, Gregg added that he felt as if he was sleeping for a month. Moreover, he woke up and started walking normally when the world has changed so much. The whole journey was a challenge for the patient, his family members, as well as the doctors. Thus, it shows that willpower can do magic and can even bring you back from the mouth of death.