Fans To Attend Olympics 2021: IOC President Is Confident

Tokyo Olympics 2021

Fans are still skeptical about whether they can attend the Japan Olympics or not. However, no final decision is made regarding the attendance of the game. But, recently, the words of vaccine development are in the air. Therefore, the officials related to the Olympics 2021 are feeling confident. They are hopeful that the wish of the fans will soon materialize. Last year, there was the postponement of the Summer Games due to the coronavirus attack. After improving the situation to some extent, this time, the much-awaited Olympics will be taking place. This is really fantastic news for the followers.

President Thomas Bach

The Current Words Of President

The IOC President is very confident that the fans will be able to cheer the players this year. Moreover, he added that there would be a limitation in the number of attendees for the Olympics 2021. President Bach is currently in Japan to conduct a committee meeting regarding a detailed discussion on this subject. Several instances made the officials confident about the development of the COVID-19 vaccines. Furthermore, he showed immense respect for the Japanese and wanted to ensure that their safety first. He gave the assurance that IOC will make the necessary arrangements to allow all the visitors after vaccination. However, it will be possible only if by that time the vaccine is available.

Rays Of New Hope For Fans

Thomas Bach expressed his excitement about the probable presence of spectators for the Olympics. Moreover, there will be an absolutely safe environment for all the people visiting the stadium in Japan. He further added that the authorities would definitely arrange for more security presents than the present circumstances. The Olympics 2021 will be taking place on 23rd July 2021.

The world is still not yet free from the attacks of the novel coronavirus. Therefore, there will definitely be a risk of more spread of the virus if the fans attend the Summer Games. In fact, it will not be possible to impose too strict restrictions on so many people. So, the committee is still in a dilemma in-spite of a confident president. To appease the fans, Bach stated that the conditions of everybody are not at all certain.

Thomas Bach

Moreover, it seems that there is a dark tunnel in front of us. The only way to cross this darkness and attain light is by shedding all fears and going ahead. So, the fans should come to view the Games physically. This moment will make them more confident and satisfied.

The Upcoming Event

John Coates, the Vice President of IOC, declared that the Games would definitely take place irrespective of the COVID-19 situation. Moreover, the theme for the Olympics will be Conquering COVID-19. So, it is evident that this time The Summer Games will be something different. The Japanese media is already preaching that it is going to be a “Simplified” Summer Games in 2021. Now, only time will tell what will happen in the near future. The IOC President’s confidence level is obviously acting like a ray of hope among hundreds of fans. 2021 Olympics will undoubtedly give something new to the world as per all the officials.