Fashion Diva Tracee Ellis Ross Thanks Her Mother On-stage

Tracee Ellis Ross

The fashion world knows Ellis as a superb contributor in every step. This time, Tracee expressed her sincere gratitude for her mom Diana Ross on the stage. This year, Ross received the People’s Choice Award 2020 organized on this Sunday. The mother-daughter bond left everybody in tears. The marvelous attire of the diva left no doubt that she is the most deserving one for the award. In the fashion world, Tracee has created a special place. Therefore, for the Fashion Icon Award, she is the most suitable one.

The leather boots and fabulous white cape made her look like a queen. In a joking tone, the maiden expressed that she considers fashion to be a legally wedded wife. In fact, she is really delighted to get this fantastic opportunity. Moreover, she thanked the organizers for validating such an excellent habit of shopping.

Remarkable Moment In The Fashion World

The moment of receiving the prestigious was emotional for the fashion fanatic. The 48-year old stylish lady was not feeling tired while giving out the Thank You speech. The winner stated that she is grateful to all the stylists and magazines with whom she worked all these years. Moreover, the names of commendable designers were also there. The fashion diva also did not forget to mention her father’s name, Robert Ellis Silverstein. She considers him to be a great twining companion for the humor.

Moreover, he himself always gives priority to the style. Last but not least, Tracee thanked her mom Diana Ross. Being a fashion icon herself, she gave a lot of support to Tracee from the very beginning. Thus, Ross considered this day the ideal time to express her gratitude for her amazing parents.

The glamour world is immovable without proper style and dressing sense. Ross said that her mom’s parenting worked like a guide in selecting the best closet collection. Moreover, she learned about the strength of style from her mother only.

The Childhood Memories

The actress shared some notable moments of childhood that teach us many things from reality. She recalled some of the best memories from the teenage days. According to her, the budget does not have any connection with style. Even her mom collected some beads after a singer’s performance on stage. Moreover, she used them beautifully to decorate her daughter’s dress like a princess. And yes, it was no less magical. That incident taught a great lesson to Tracee.

Fashion Diva Tracee

At the end of the speech, the actress asked all the fans to believe in themselves. Fashion and style depend upon your confidence and how you present yourself. Moreover, the clothes should work as a superhero. Only a happy soul can reflect a genuinely stylish person hidden inside you. She further added that the color of the dress is not the factor. It may be black or may not be. However, the action is the most important thing to decide our destiny. Wear clothes with complete freedom. Furthermore, your comfort and satisfaction can define your fashion sense the best. These words from the mouth of the fashion icon of 2020 were really fascinating for the audience.