Google launches new SMS features and end-to-end encryption

end to end encryption

Google is all set to introduce the latest SMS facilities for the users. The upgraded version i’ll surely benefit a lot of people in the long-run. A new paradigm shift from the former SMS features has been laid out by Google offering RCS, i.e., Rich Communication Services. The search-giant added that everybody will be able to access the new features from their carrier or from Google. Moreover, the new features will open a new world for millions of users across the entire world. You can enjoy amazing services and carry out multiple activities in a safe manner.

Google SMS feature end-to-end encryption

The company is going to convert your messaging experience into a superb one. The Rich Communication Service feature will enable more users to use the smart devices and services safely. The end-to-end encryption method for messaging in Android phones will give the opportunity for better performance.

Google addresses the process of upgrading it’s SMS features.

In a blog post the search-giant mentions, “For the past few years, we’ve worked with the mobile industry and device makers on several carrier networks in certain countries to provide chat features in Messages based on the open Rich Communication Services (RCS) standard.”

There would be an effective improvement in the quality of photos and videos. Moreover, there would be the facility of chat over Wi-Fi or data. Even the users can know when messages are read. The group conversations would also be better. Thus, there will be superior quality services with little efforts.

The aim of Google is to match the eminent messaging services like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and WhatsApp. Moreover, the company is heading towards that facility. More users will now connect globally in a fruitful and secured along with the assurance of Google.


End-to-end encryption facility will end up soon

The search-giant also says that end-to-end encryption will be added to one-on-one RCS conversations. It would be a default feature for Android users. Therefore, the content of those messages will not be seen by Google or third party. So, this is a big news for all the global population. Moreover, it is more important for the gadget lovers.

As of now, the facility is not fully available. The beta testers would be experiencing the facility first. It is going to start from this month and continue till the next year. After the full testing, the application will introduce the modern features in a whole new way.

Google didn’t mention when the beta testing will end. The users need to sign up, as the Messages App has an open beta testing portal. The new developments are thus going to be super exciting and giving the users the chance to enjoy more comfort.