Health Professor Warns, Thanksgiving COVID-19 Surge Might Turn Into The Christmas Surge

Coronavirus Surge

It doesn’t looks like the coronavirus will be slowing down in the near future and it is a huge concern due to the holiday season coming around. Since 1918, the United States have been through the most life threatening public health crisis during the influenza pandemic, thus the new COVID-19 pandemic situation is a huge matter of concern.


On Wednesday, US reported 2,046 deaths which is the highest one day death toll of COVID-19 in the country since the month of May. 89,954 people are currently hospitalized for coronavirus and each and every day the hospitalization record hits a new mark.

Authorities Worry About The Holidays Due To Coronavirus

Michael Osterholm says he is anxious about the Thanksgiving surge and is concerned about it turning into the Christmas surge. People might later on regret enjoying on holidays. It is a huge health risk the country in taking unknowingly. The US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) produced an ensemble that drafted 294,000 and 321,000 coronavirus deaths by December 19 in US.

Swapping Of Air Have To Stop

Osterholm is really concerned about the public health of the US people and is continuously showing his concern towards the situation. He asks everybody to stop going out unless and until it’s extremely important. He also adds in one of the statements saying “the US people are not taking the Coronavirus seriously yet, but it is going to get worser soon.” Hospitals are under immense pressure and they are going to collapse if there is any further rise of the cases.

It is announced by the federal government’s centre for the acute delivery of hospital care at home via Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Surgical care outside hospitals is assured so that the health authorities doesn’t haven’t to be under immense pressure of collapsing. This is an effort to increase the safety capacity as COVID-19 hospitalizations surge in everywhere.

Covid 19

The centre is making sure of the people who are vulnerable at this point of time (non -coronavirus patients), should not be exposed in this critical situation of the virus and thus making arrangements for their health without entering an unsafe setting.

US is at a new level of crisis due the coronavirus situation and the country is experiencing major challenges to cope up with the daily rising cases. “Our duty is to make sure that the CMS regulations do not stand in the path of patient care for COVID-19 and beyond”, says CMS Administrator Seema Verma.

Public health officials have urged the USA people to celebrate Thanksgiving only within their close family members of the same household, to prevent the further spread of the virus. Travelling for Thanksgiving is also asked to avoid. Still, US saw the biggest air travel with 1.0 million people.