Humble Request Of Jenelle Evans For Her 6-Year Old Son

Jenelle Evans And Her Son Kaiser

Jenelle Evans is asking all her fans to pray for her little son suffering from a dangerous disease. Kaiser’s recent report shows that his groin has an infected abscess. It is obviously horrible news to digest for any mother. However, prayers have a lot of power. Therefore, the Teen Mom 2 star urged the fans to keep his son in their prayers.

Moreover, this humble request was clear from her recent post on Instagram. She posted a picture of her son Kaiser along with her wearing a face mask. Her son was enjoying an orange popsicle and was smiling. The picture is viral and is literally touching the hearts of millions. Definitely, the whole world wants this little soul to recover soon.

The Statement Of A Mother

Being a mother, the star mom is really getting worried with every passing day. She stated that Kaiser is already under medication for the abscess. Moreover, she is hopeful that the next antibiotic can do the magic of curing her child completely. This information came to the limelight in the comment section of the post on being asked. Responding to one of her followers, she exclaimed that presently her son is undergoing the third antibiotic. Also, the 28-year-old mentioned that this problem is pertaining for quite some time now. But, she is bringing the same to the forefront for the first time.

The Custody Of The Child

From the previous posts of Evans, it is clear that the battle for the custody of the child is finally over. As per the order, Evans will have the primary custody of Kaiser while his father can meet him on the weekends. Jenelle Evans and her ex Nathan Griffith are both happy with the decision. They also planned to spend special occasions like Christmas, etc. together. Moreover, on every fifth weekend, Kaiser can spend time with his grandmother. That will also bring a nice change for the cute boy.

TMZ stated that the parents of Kaiser should not spill out any negatives about each other when the child is present. Apart from Kaiser, Evans also has two more children. She keeps on posting photos with all her children. One of the last images showed the family picture with the caption “Fall has arrived.”

The Recent Result

However, the recent diagnosis result of Kaiser is a major setback in the happy life of the family. The fans of the star are showing regular concern to the star and praying for the speedy recovery of the little one. Evans made a promise that she will keep on updating the current health condition of her son. The doctors are trying their best to make the child get back to normal life again.

Moreover, the family is also receiving gifts and flowers from the well-wishers and fans. All are praying to the Almighty so that Kaiser can get well soon. Evans believes that her son will definitely recover. So many good wishes and love from hundreds of people all over the world are bound to bring some positivity.