Los Angeles Team Seeks To Diversify Cycling As A Sport

Los Angeles Cycling

Black cyclist from Los Angeles, Justin Williams, plans to diversify the sport Cycling to the next level. He is a professional American cyclist, and a celebrated national champion as well. In fact, he is one of the few black racers in the sport. He has suffered a lot of setbacks, but still managed to make it across the world championships. Williams also formed his own team of professional riders in Los Angeles in 2019. He had jointly made the team with his brother Cory. He called the team, L39ION. It has 14 riders that includes 10 professionals. They are from various specialties like road, gravel, and cross.

The Best Team L39ION – Los Angeles

The team does not force other players to conform to white norms. He had brought old rivals, and former team mates to form the Los Angeles-based team. There are a variety of cultures within the team. There are Blacks, Latinos, Pacific Islanders, and Whites as well. This month, the team announced plans to form a squad, that will compete in one of the three tiers.

Best Team L39ION

Williams aims to bring diversity to the sport. He is leading a new generation of riders. Williams, at 31 years has been fighting all his life for the sport. He is one of the most successful drivers in the country. He has charted a great career path for him, and his team.

About Williams And His Childhood

Williams is originally from South Los Angeles. He got his first bike, at 13 years. His father was a Calman racer. He had his escapades from rough neighborhood. Williams started his cycling career, at the end of high school. He focusses on road races. He eyed the iconic European stage races. He had felt isolated at one point of time. As per figures, only five of 743 cyclists are Black on the World circuit. This year, there was one lone Black athlete, the French cyclist Kévin Reza, out of 176 riders on the start line of the Tour de France.

Williams started his journey on the local circuit in 2006. He won the Junior Track National Championship. He continued to dabble in other genres as well. With improved skills, he moved to Europe in 2009. With moderate success, he wanted to get on the global circuit. He was in fact written off, many a times. Most managers neglected him as he was black.

Cyclist Justin Williams

Williams returned to the US. To play after spending a year abroad. She studied graphics designing. He came back to the scene in 2016. He won 15 races, all in all. He experienced a meteoric rise and won back to back matches in 2018 and 2019.

In April. College St Augustine became the first Black college to start a cycling team. They were known for their pink jerseys. They started two cycling tournaments as well. Today, Williams has started several movements. He also runs a non-profit organization that aims to give help to novices interested in the sport. Cycling is a way to free up the mind, felt Williams, That is what he has set out to do.