Mark Gordon, The Wyoming Governor Tests Covid-19 Positive

Covid 19

Mark Gordon decides to continue working remotely even after getting tested positive for COVID-19. He has only some minor symptoms and thus, he has faith in recovering soon. The office of the Governor was closed at the Wyoming State Capitol for sanitization purposes. Another office employee got positive for a respiratory virus. The closing of the office became necessary for the safety of other employees. Gordon recently in one of his statements expresses his annoyance towards the Wyoming residents for not taking proper responsibility about the spread of COVID-19. He calls some people as “knuckleheads” in a complaining tone.

Increasing COVID-19 Cases In The State


Gordon, a Republican, on last Thursday announced new restrictions for the state. Gatherings got limited to 25% capacity while maintaining social distancing, whereas outdoor gatherings got capped at 50% capacity with social distancing. No mask mandate was announced and this was a big step. There are 26,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 215 deaths according to the state report of Wyoming Department of Health. Since the very beginning of the pandemic situation, 12,742,000 cases and more than 261,870 people have died in the United States, according to the data collected.

 Gordon Is The Latest Governor To Become Positive For COVID-19

Gordon joins Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, Missouri Governor Mike Parson and Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt in the list of testing positive for COVID-19. He is the latest governor to test positive and it is quite intriguing for the public health of the state. Gordon after getting tested positive for COVID-19 blames some of the Wyoming residents for not taking the COVID-19 situation seriously. “We have relied and shown trust to the people for being responsible enough, and they are giving least attention to the seriousness of the pandemic.”, he adds.

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Realising the pandemic situation getting worser day by day, Gordon announced multiple state wide measures to make sure that the spread of COVID-19 decreases as soon as possible. Increasing strains on medical facilities of the state is immense and copping up with daily cases is a huge pressure on the healthcare faculty. To preserve the viability of the economic condition of the state and to ease the pressure on Wyoming’s healthcare system, Gordon made some wise set of policies to maintain.

Gordon also announces that the state is going to provide additional support to Wyoming hospitals to acknowledge  the surge in COVID-19 hospitalizations. It also includes resources from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Wyoming National Guard, and through traveling medical staff. Gordon reminds the residents to practice the important Ws since it is a season of festivals. “Thanksgiving is indeed a very special day for all the families. This virus is dangerous and it will still exist in such an auspicious day, even at family gatherings, where we are tempted to socialize” he said. “Jennie and I want every family to be careful this Thanksgiving and to keep gatherings as small as possible for the safety of their closed ones. Also wishing everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving.”