Meghan Markle Reveals That She Had A Miscarriage Early This Year

Meghan Markle Duchess of Sussex

If tabloid reports are to be believed, Meghan Markle, who is the Duchess of Sussex had a miscarriage in the beginning of 2020. She said, that she suffered the miscarriage while carrying her second child with Prince Harry. She said, that she suffered a lot of sadness because of the incident. The statement came from the representative of the Royal family. She had not spoken till date about this mishap, publicly. This is the first time, since it happened in July, that such reports have surfaced.

The Grief Struck Mother Meghan

Meghan recalled, while narrating the incident how she was with her son Archie on that fateful day. Suddenly, she had felt a sharp pain in her stomach. She held on to her first born and clenched her fist. She knew it coming. Many hours later, she lay in hospital. She and Harry, both were in tears. She also said, that she is happy that people have shown a lot of sensitivity to the matter.


She said, that she was trying to be brave amidst these incidents. These seem to have shaken her life. She narrated the story of that day to the journos very recently

She said, that it was a normal day at the onset. She made breakfast, fed the dogs and took her vitamins. She took her son out of his crib and changed his diaper. I felt a sharp cramp, she cried as she narrated the incident. She dropped to the floor, holding on to her first born.

Are You Ok?

These words seem to be very powerful. She and Harry were out on a trip to South Africa, when she was feeding her sone. She had put on a brave face in front of the public. A journo asked ‘Are You OK?’ These words seemed to soothe. She thanked the journalist for asking, That made her day.

The year brought so much of pain, says Meghan Markle. She says that losses like these cannot be revealed as it is very sad. The words seem to just fall through. Moreover, 2020, has brought with it so much more pain in the form of Covid-19.


He says that loss and pain of losing near and dear ones have plagued everyone today. So, she thinks that everyone goes through this kind of pain. She says, how a normal man wakes up with fever one day. Then, he tests positive for the virus and suddenly his name comes up in the death list a few weeks later.

Losing a child brings unbelievable grief and pain. Many mothers have suffered this grief and bracing for a tough time ahead. The conversation remains taboo as per Meghan. This is a very hush-hush topic to be true. Many women will be bravely sharing these stories this Thanksgiving. This brings a lot of relief to many parents. This Thanksgiving, She seems to plan a holiday like no other. All seems well until it arrives. So, shall everyone be OK? She asks.