NFL To Use All Black Officiating Team For The First Time


NFL to use an all-black officiating team for the first time for Rams-Bucs. This way, the team plans to make a social statement. Referee Jerome Boger will be leading the seven-member team. He is a former Morehouse College quarterback who also acted as referee in Super Bowl XLVII. This is his 17th year as a league official. The Super Bowl is an American football game, that was played between American Football Conference champion, Baltimore Ravens and the National Football Conference champion San Francisco 49ers to decide the National Football League champion for the 2012 season.

All Black Officiating Team

The All-Black Team For NFL

Jerome Boger is an American football official, in NFL or National Football League. Moreover, he is part of the forum since 2004 NFL season. He wears uniform number 23. He had started in the NFL as a line judge, and was promoted to the position of referee in 2006.

The other members of the team are Umpire Barry Anderson, line judge Carl Johnson, down judge Julian Mapp, field judge Dale Shaw, side judge Anthony Jeffries, and back judge Greg Steed. The team members have been drawn from various crews. The announcement came weeks after NFL celebrated its 100th anniversary.

This historical decision, came as a thankful message to innumerable contributions from the black community. The blacks have delivered superior performances in the game many a time. Troy Vincent, NFL Executive Vice President of football operations has recently said.

Story Of The Bucs and The Rams

The officiating player teams include the Bucs and the Rams. Tampa Bay is the first team in the history of the league having three Black coordinators. They are Todd Bowles, Byron Leftwich, and Keith Armstrong. Moreover, there are two female assistants as well. The Rams were in fact the first team, to reform in 1946, after a twelve-year ban. Kenny Washington was hence signed on, along with Woodie Strode. It coincided with the Cleveland Browns. Later fullback Marion Motley and guard Bill Willis were signed on.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be facing the Los Angeles Ram on Monday. On Monday night, Boger’s crew will be identified for an entirely different reason.

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More About Tampa Bay And Los Angeles Rams

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a professional American football team, based in Tampa Florida. Moreover, they compete in the National Football League, in the south division. The Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s biggest rival is the New Orleans Saints. The Los Angeles rams are a professional football team based in Los Angeles metropolitan area. They compete in NFL as a member of the National Football Conference West division.

This is the first time such a game is going to take place on Monday night. So, the entire football fanatics are awaiting for the moment today. Jerome Boger’s also seems to be looking forward to the same. It is an official milestone for the team.

All eyes will be on the match on Monday night. Looking forward to a historical event.