Prince Of Wales Celebrates 72nd Birthday In A Different Way

Prince Of Wales Birthday

Prince Charles is celebrating the birthday in a different way as he turns 72 this year. This is the third time that Prince Charles is playing the role of Country Life’s editor on his birthday. The cover page displays her smiling picture, and the main story of the issue is definitely the words of the Prince and the current heir of the throne.

According to the eldest son Queen Elizabeth, the world has gone through something that never happened before. All those who were considered extraordinary are now normal things. Moreover, there is nothing called steadiness no. The only word that is becoming more familiar with us is “Uncertainty.” The unimaginable things of initial days become acceptable now. Therefore, there are a lot of changes that you can observe around you. But, we need to focus on the challenges that life is throwing at us. It is true that losses can be seen almost everywhere. However, life is now teaching us to look at the long-term effects of the current situation.

The Prince pointed at the natural resources and regarded them as the greatest “strength.” He says that only the appropriate application of natural resources can help us fight against dangerous coronavirus.

Further Statements Of Prince Charles

Prince Charles further added that we should all think about future generations. Comparing the situation with the red squirrels under threat to collect the hazelnuts, he tried to explain the upcoming days. The royal member stated that opportunities do not come frequently. We should not waste any chance and think about how to overcome the crisis. Furthermore, we have to consider the well-being of our children, grandchildren and definitely our Green Planet.

His Instagram post is also saying the same thing where the Prince has declared that we should care about the rural landscapes. The headline of the recent issue of Country Life reads as “Why We Must Not Betray Nature.”

Importance Of Environment

Charles also gave a similar speech on the importance of the environment and conservation of the same in 1968. Moreover, he focused more on the concept of equilibrium between humanity and nature. The Prince expressed that whatever he has done during the last 50 years was directed for his future generation’s well-being. Thus, he said that our grandchildren’s thoughts would give us the strength to fight this difficult situation.

At present, Prince Charles is the grandfather of four kids. They are the three children of Prince William and his wife Kate and the one-year-old son of Prince Harry and Meghan. This edition of Country Life will thus encourage more people to boost up themselves. Prince Charles tries to remind all of us about the future and not be fearful of the present. Through his powerful words, he is requesting everybody to take care of the environment and not abuse it. All of us should have far-sightedness and recognize the compassion of the environment. There is a solution to every problem in the heart of Mother Nature.

In the words of Charles, in the tough times, people will have a temptation to think only about the failures. However, we should not think much about the unsteady present. Instead, we should give more importance to long-term effects.