Princess Of Japan Postpones Wedding; Gives Up Royal Status

Princess Mako

The princess of Japan is again in the headlines for the postponement of her wedding for the second time. This Friday, Mako, the princess, expressed her desire to marry her long-time boyfriend. Mako is now 29 years old and stated to the media that marriage is just a “necessary choice” for her and her partner. She also added that no one could separate her fiancé Kei Komuro and Mako from each other. Moreover, they promise to be with each other in both happy and sad times.

Previously, the princess postponed her wedding for the first time in February 2018. However, in the present day, the royal member confirms that it was an immature decision. Furthermore, the couple is taking more time to fix the final day of marriage. They want to think about the lifetime bond more deeply. At this mature age, the lovers do not want to rush to any decision. Also, along with the marriage preparations, they need to give some time to think about the post-marriage consequences.

Kei Komuro And Mako

The Final Statement Of The Princess

Along with her fiancé, the princess concluded that they wanted to further discuss with the family. Till then, there is no confirmation on their part. The fans are eagerly waiting for the ultimate date for the royal wedding.

The eldest princess of the Japanese royal family decided to give up the royal status in order to marry Komuro. However, it was a long-distance relationship when Mako was studying masters. Moreover, she met Kei at a restaurant while attending an event abroad. The guy proposed to the princess in December 2013, and the duo continued to date. The couple announced their wedding plans in front of the media during September 2017. They expected to conduct the wedding in November 2018. However, things changed afterwards as the princess decided to postpone the same at that time.

Declaration Of Marriage Plans

Moreover, as per the announcement of the Imperial Household, the wedding would not be taking place before 2020. Reports stated that the primary reason for the delay was financial issues. But, the situation took a positive turn after this.

A significant event took place just five days before the announcement of a second-time delay in marriage. Mako’s father finally became the immediate successor to the throne. The ceremony suffered a delay of seven months, mainly because of the pandemic condition. During the last November, he revealed to the press on his birthday that her daughter’s marriage will soon get revealed.


However, the princess regarded the present time to be inappropriate for such a crucial discussion on being asked. She also stated that approval from her parents is of utmost importance to proceed any further. Mako was ready to call the Press Conference on her father’s request. The princess described that she and her fiancé are not ready to discuss any final date right now. All the plans concerning the marriage and related facts will come to the public at the right time. Therefore, the couple urged the common people to have some patience in this respect.