Taking entrepreneurship to a different level is Wiley Cortez’s way

Wiley Cortez

Wiley Cortez, treading ups and downs of life, gathered experience at a young age, rendering society a young entrepreneur who is a torchbearer for others. Southern California is his motherland, where he was born and brought up, and success was not served in a platter. Instead, he went through challenges that groomed him to the extent that he now fills others with confidence and helps them define their goals. It has been over a decade for Wiley Cortez to work as a confidence coach, and he has made a name for himself as a successful businessman. He has a happy married life with his wife Rachael Cortez and their daughter Sicilly who is a bundle of happiness in their life, leading a life as an accomplished businessman and leading a happy family life, and showing a way to others.Life had not been a bed of roses when he was literally on the streets of Lost Angeles, CA, in his initial years surrounded by gangsters drug traders which would have given black shade to his personality. Still, he was focused and determined to achieve his goals. It was becoming a successful businessman, an entrepreneur who got success and is a leading confidence coach, expanding his business with his strong vision.

Wiley Cortez is a leading name as an entrepreneur embued with experience, which speaks in his presentations and how he molds the personalities paving their way to success. The saying Rome was not built in a day proves true in the becoming of Wiley Cortez. He has seen the ups and downs of life and climbed the ladder of success, becoming an entrepreneur at a young age with a commendable vision.

He guides you to accomplish your goals and shapes your personality, making you realize who you are and materialize your dreams without any apprehension. He makes the person realize his worth and fills him with confidence making a lifetime commitment. Wiley Cortez has many feathers in his crown, leading the underground plumbing and piping construction in Seattle, co- founder and Director of Sales at PRICOR Tech. He also co Founded Go Blue Light, providing 24 hours services to homes. Wiley expanded his business by setting up Dominate Don’t Compete in 2015, attained the CEO position, and exited with a fair image in 2020 by selling it.

Wiley is an iconic figure so is his journey. He is the founding member and CEO of Make Moves Not Statements. He serves society by rendering services and complete dedication. He transforms lives and helps them realize their goals with an innate strength that we are blessed with as human beings.