Top Football Player Claims “Being Violated”

Football Player Moore Koy

A Football Player Claims from Louisiana State University has brought a serious allegation against three Baton Rouge Police Officers. He claimed violation on the part of the officers several times during a particular incident. The incident took place on the weekends and has led to administrative leave for the three alleged officers. However, as per the police chief, investigations have started already.

Posts On Social Media

Koy Moore, the concerned football player, lodged a complaint against the police officers and expressed his grudges through a lengthy post on social media. He explained all the details on his Instagram and Twitter handles. Moreover, the player clearly stated that the police officers assumed that he carried drugs and a gun. Moore added that he had to unzip his pants to let the police search his body for any kind of hidden objects. This was complete harassment when he was repeatedly stating that he is not involved in all these. For further more details one could get updates on this more and more.

Koy Moore

Moore’s Strong Allegation

The player confidently wrote that the police also snatched his mobile phone as he made attempts to record the whole incident. He expressed his fear about losing his precious life, adding that he is sure that the culprits will go all clean. Hence he chose social media to intimate millions about his unfortunate experience directly from the police. Moore repeatedly tried to tell the audience that only changing the President will not change the scenario. Something more needs to be done to make the general public feel safer.

Moore also said that he might not be present today to write all these. However, if he did not tell those incompetent officers that he was a football player. The victory of yesterday was only a distraction for America. Check it out in coming news ahead.

Football Player Claims :Words Of Murphy Paul

The Police Chief Of Baton Rouge Police appreciated this initiative of Moore. He exclaimed that authorities took the necessary steps to send the three officers on paid administrative leave. Also, he added that they are already on the move of collecting sufficient evidence with respect to the incident. The truth will come at the forefront very soon. For any community, trust is a very crucial factor.

Chief Murphy Paul

Moreover, to build trust, accountability is very important. If the officers are not transparent in their duties, they will surely get punishment. However, the police cannot arrive at any conclusion without proper evidence and completion of the investigation. In his statement, Paul clearly stated that he wants a thorough investigation in this matter. You can check this statement by logging to The other officers of the department are of the opinion that no commenting is possible in the matter. However, all have to consider the fact seriously and fight against the racism prevailing in the country. No one should tolerate social injustice. Appropriate steps on time can help in making society a better place for everybody.