Trump, Silent On the Covid Surge After Defeat in US Presidential Elections

Donald Trump Silent On the Covid Surge

Silent on the covid surge in the US, President Donald Trump has shown disinterest in winning the covid battle. The disease seems to be on an upswing in the United States at an alarming rate. However, Trump having lost the presidential elections is angry and thus, taking his anger out on the common people in the way of disengagement. Hospitals in the states are running full, and some are nearing closure on admissions. However, the current sitting president seems to be unnerved.

President Donald Trump

The public health department warns that, the refusal to take action under such circumstances or co-ordinate with Joe Biden’s team will backlash. This kind of behavior seems to aim at a delay in releasing the vaccine in the states, next year. The nation shall be at a loss under such circumstances.

Meeting Of The Officials For COVID

The White House officials conducted their first meeting after the presidential elections. Pfizer has promised the vaccine early next year, but if reports are to be believed, Trump refuses to attend the meetings. He seems to be preoccupied, with the election results. Donald Trump is clearly not interested in controlling the situation any longer.

There are more than 1 lac confirmed Covid cases in the US since a week. Earlier, Trump had primarily focused on the release of the vaccine, however, he seems to be in denial now. Moreover, he has even accused Pfizer of withholding trial results, till after the election results. However, pharmaceutical giant has refused to accept the allegations.               

The pandemic has already killed 2,40,000 Americans. However, Trump has been playing down the situation. Moreover, over 10 million people in the US are infected with the virus. The states is worried about the current grim situation in the US, and Trump’s behavior seems to make matters worse.

Words From The Specialist

Dr. Abraar Karan, is a global health specialist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical school. He has expressed concern over the grim situation. The country seems to be in a crisis right now, owing to the indifference of the president. Moreover, numerous White House officials have also tested positive for the virus. Most of the officials at the White House, seem to have contracted the virus whilst attending campaigns for the elections. Moreover, some tested Covid positive after attending the election party at the White House.

Caseloads are mounting up, by the hour in the United States. However, the current president seems unperturbed after his defeat in the hands of Joe Biden. State and local health officials are urging the common man to wear masks and seek protection. Moreover, they are also stressing on social distancing. Bars and gyms have received notices to close by 10 pm in New York. Moreover, Gov. Cuomo has capped gatherings at 10 for social events. In Illinois, public health officials have asked employers to allow their employees to work from home.

Trump has abstained from answering any questions since before Election Day. He has only been seen raging at the election results on Twitter, since. However, some unnamed officials have reportedly denied the allegations. Trump is said to be well-informed about the testing phases that continues. Trump was last seen, publicly issuing notice on the pandemic while asking for votes in the pre-election rallies.