While Announcing ‘Veep’ Virtual Table Read, Rudy Giuliani Spoofed Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

With what appeared to be the hair dye running down her forehead, Julia Louis – Dreyfus spoofed Rudy Giuliani on Tuesday to announce that the cast of “Veep” will reunite to support voter turnout on a virtual table read for the Georgia Senate runoff elections which are coming soon. “Every vote counts”, said counter protesters. Protesters can be heard shouting at the start of the promo posted on Instagram, which spanned about a minute and a half. Then Louis-Dreyfus peals in, narrating over the protest footage and recalling the 2016 Emmy-winning episode “Mother.”


Spoofed comments echoed from Giuliani

Many brave and patriotic Americans have witnessed similarities between the ongoing election and the TV show “Veep” she says before a clip of her character, Selina Meyer, tells her colleagues to stop the recount. She adds, “It’s a pattern that repeats itself and not just a singular example.” Comments echoed from the last week’s much maligned press conference featuring Donald Trump’s lawyer with what was looking like hair dye running down his cheeks and Giuliani spoofed. As a result, the original cast and some special guests will reunite to attend the virtual read of the uncut script for “Mother”.

2020 won’t stop ripping off VEEP

“2020 won’t stop ripping off VEEP, so we had to do something about it,” Louis-Dreyfus wrote on Instagram along with the video announcement of the event. There is an odd similarity between the sitcom’s once-outrageous parody and current events. 


Julia Louis mentioned in her recent Instagram post about the #VEEP cast going on a LIVE virtual table read on the episode everybody is so hyped about. “All in support of the @AmericaVotes” she adds. Julia even asks to reserve the tickets from www.showupforgeorgia.com, the link was given in her bio. No, everybody is looking forward to the upoming movie. There is a lot of expectation attached.

Then Julia herself appeared onscreen with dark black streaks running down her face, mocking former mayor of New York Giuliani’s TV interview. He claims voter fraud against his boss but is unable to provide the evidence of said fraud. She also suggested that the parallels of her show and real life seems like a conspiracy, for which she sites examples like ‘literally thousands, or hundreds of thousands of cases.’ The entire Veep cast plus some special guests main moto to reunite in the event was to benefit America Votes.  ShowUpForGeorgia.com gives access to Veep Uncut to the donors. For the voters, any amount of donation will be a great help in the Georgia Senate runoffs.