It’s snowing on a Friday in the Chicago area, and some counties have a winter weather advisory in place.

snowing in Chicago

In Chicago, when winter starts to roll back in, it brings with it those familiar scenes of snow-covered streets and chilly winds. As we move into the first full week of spring, the city is still experiencing its fair share of wintry weather.

Snowfall is expected to continue, especially with those lake-effect snow showers that Chicago is known for. These showers can add up quickly, making the afternoon and evening commute a bit tricky as roads become slushy and slippery.

Despite the calendar saying it’s spring, temperatures are lingering around the 40-degree Fahrenheit mark, reminding us that winter isn’t quite ready to let go just yet. And on Saturday, things are expected to get even chillier, with highs only reaching into the 30s.

But don’t despair! As we head into the new week, there’s hope on the horizon. Rain might make an appearance on Sunday night into Monday, but with it comes warmer temperatures, with highs expected to rebound into the 50s. So while winter may be hanging on a little longer than we’d like, there’s light at the end of the tunnel as spring slowly but surely makes its presence known.

For now, Winter weather is coming back as we start the first full week of spring.

McHenry and Lake Counties have a Winter Weather Advisory until 4 p.m. Expect snowfall from 1 to 4 inches, with more near the Wisconsin state line.

The National Weather Service warns of over 6 inches of snow in areas with the heaviest bands.

In Chicago, expect more lake-effect snow showers in the afternoon and evening, making things slushy.

Temperatures will be around 40 degrees Fahrenheit on Friday, then a chilly Saturday with highs in the 30s. Rain might come back Sunday night into Monday, but temperatures will go back up into the 50s at the start of the week.

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