Recovery Mission Commences as 6 Workers Feared Dead in Baltimore Bridge Collapse

The wife of a 49-year-old father of six confirms he is among the missing construction workers.

Baltimore Bridge Collapse

The U.S. Coast Guard stopped looking for the six builders who went missing when a Baltimore bridge fell early Tuesday. This is a very sad event. It will cause big problems for business, traffic, and travel in Maryland.

Now, they’re not looking for them anymore. They’re trying to find their bodies. This is what Maryland State Police say.

The search started again on Wednesday morning. Divers went back in the water after it got easier to see.

“We don’t think anyone survived,”

says Coast Guard Rear Adm. Shannon Gilreath.

The Executive Vice President of Brawner Builders, Jeffrey Pritzker, thinks the workers died. The water is deep, and a lot of time has passed since the bridge fell.

“We didn’t think this would happen,”

says Pritzker.

“We care a lot about safety. We put up signs and lights. But we never thought the bridge would fall.”

The company didn’t say who the workers were. But María del Carmen Castellón says her husband, Miguel Luna, is one of them.

Family members like Castellón can’t go to the site, but they’re waiting for news.

“We have to wait,”

she says.

“We’re sad. We don’t know if they’re safe. We’re waiting for news.”

Jesús Campos says the workers came from different countries. They became part of the community in Dundalk and Highlandtown.

As it got dark, Maryland Gov. Wes Moore said sorry to the families.

“I can’t imagine how hard this is for the families,”

he says.

“We’ve stopped looking for them, but we’ll keep trying to find them.”

The workers were fixing the bridge when a ship hit it. They fell into the river. Two of them were saved. One went to the hospital but left later.

A lot of cars fell too, but nobody was inside them.

Moore and U.S. Sen. Ben Cardin said they still hope to find the workers.

“This is still a rescue mission,”

says Moore.

The ship is from Singapore. The company that owns it says everyone is safe.

Police were going to tell the workers to leave when the bridge fell. They stopped traffic just in time.

Some workers were on the bridge when it fell. They didn’t know the ship was coming.

“Six people are missing,”

says Paul Wiedefeld, Maryland’s transportation secretary.

“We’re looking for them. One went to the hospital, and one is talking to us.”

Rescuers are trying to find the workers. The Coast Guard and other groups are helping.

The ship hit the bridge and broke part of it. It fell into the river. This will cause big problems for the shipping port.

“It looks like a movie,”

says Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott.

“It’s very sad.”

The bridge will take a long time to fix. It’s very important for traffic.

“We’ll have to use other roads,”

says Wiedefeld.

“It will be hard.”

A lot of trucks use the bridge. They’ll have to find another way.

Ships can’t go to the port anymore. This will cause problems for many people.

“It will take a long time to fix everything,”

says President Joe Biden.

“We’ll help.”

The FBI says it wasn’t a terror attack. They’re still looking into what happened.

The ship was going from Baltimore to Sri Lanka. It’s very big.

The company that owns the ship says everyone is safe. They’re helping with the investigation.

The ship had an accident in 2016. It hit a wall in Belgium.

This will cause problems for shipping. People might not get things they need.

“It’s not just Baltimore,”

says Ryan Petersen, CEO of Flexport.

“It will affect many people.”

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