Chicago Grants Dozens of Migrants Extensions on 60-Day Shelter Limit in First Wave of Evictions

Chicago Migrant Extension

Evictions were planned for Sunday for almost thirty migrants at three different shelters managed by the city in Chicago. Those facing eviction had reached the shelter limit of 60 days, but some were given more time. However, only three individuals were actually asked to leave.

Many of the migrants scheduled for eviction were given extra time. The City of Chicago informed CBS 2 that most were in the process of applying for city benefits, while others had health issues, so the city allowed them to stay longer.

It wasn’t immediately clear from which city shelters the three evicted individuals were removed.

This is all part of the city’s plan to encourage migrants to strive for independence. The policy allows new arrivals up to 60 days to secure permanent housing, either through rental support or with family. If they are unsuccessful, they can reapply for city assistance.

Thousands of migrants are hoping to make Chicago their home.

“Sunday marks the start for us. I’m sure as we go through this process, we’ll make improvements to make it more effective and efficient,” said Brandie Knazze, from the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services.

Knazze mentioned that the evictions represent a new approach.

“At the moment, this is the initial phase, so we’ll take it step by step,” she said. “We’re always looking to improve our processes. But for now, individuals will return to the starting point and reapply for shelter through that process.”

Basically, if migrants haven’t found permanent housing within 60 days, they go back to where they started.

“We’ll assist them in reconnecting with family and friends,” Knazze added. “That’s part of what case management is about. They can also wait for a bed in our shelter system.”

Families with children attending Chicago Public Schools can stay until the end of the school year.

As the city encourages migrants to find stability, over 2,000 migrants are facing eviction by April 30.

The next round of evictions is scheduled for later this month and is expected to affect more than 200 migrants.

These evictions follow a measles outbreak among migrants. As of Friday, the city reported 12 measles cases, with 10 originating from the migrant shelter in Pilsen. Two cases involve students.

The city is taking extra precautions by requiring vaccinations upon arrival. As of Friday, almost 900 people got the MMR vaccine dose at the Pilsen shelter.

One man informed CBS 2 on Sunday that upon his arrival on Saturday, he was vaccinated immediately. He also mentioned that officials informed him during paperwork completion that his stay at the shelter would be limited.

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