United CEO Aims to Comfort Customers After Several Safety Incidents with Boeing Aircraft

On Friday morning, a United Airlines flight departing from San Francisco International Airport touched down in Oregon, but there was a panel missing from the outside of the plane.

United CEO

United Airlines’ CEO wants to make sure you feel safe when flying on their Boeing planes. They sent out a message saying they’re all about keeping you safe.

United CEO Scott Kirby said they’re paying close attention to some incidents that happened this year. They’re not connected, but they’re definitely taking them seriously.

For example, there was a United Boeing 737-800 that landed in Medford, Oregon, with a missing panel from the bottom of the plane.

And earlier, there were four incidents involving Boeing jets: flames from an engine on a United Boeing 737-900ER in Houston, a United Boeing 777 lost a wheel during takeoff, a United Boeing 737 Max slid off a runway in Houston, and a United Boeing 777 left hydraulic fluid in Sydney.

The team at United is looking into each case to figure out what went wrong. They want to learn from these incidents to make sure everyone stays safe.

To step up their game, United is giving pilots an extra day of training, changing how they train new mechanics, and putting more focus on managing their suppliers.

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They know seeing these headlines might make you think twice about flying with them. But they’re working hard to make sure you don’t want to fly with anyone else.

Now, there have been some other Boeing incidents this year, like an Alaska Airlines flight losing part of its plane and a sudden drop on a Latam Airlines flight. Investigators are still figuring out what happened in those cases.

But it seems like the issues with United’s planes might be more about how they’re taken care of, rather than problems with Boeing’s planes themselves.

Still, United’s plans have been affected by Boeing’s issues. They’re not hiring as many new pilots as they planned, and their 737 Max 9 jets were grounded for a while in January.

They’ve also put a hold on getting a new type of Boeing jet, the 737 Max 10, because of concerns about Boeing’s quality and safety.

United is even thinking about buying planes from Airbus instead of Boeing. They’re not happy with how things have been going, especially after the incidents earlier this year.

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